Costume Sales

My Costumes span the centuries from BC to the Fabulous 50's and beyond. Experience how life may have been back in the day... wardrobe wise that is. Go from the simplest, barely there, comfortable and flirtatious, Chilton wraps of Ancient Greece to being completely covered head to toe (cleavage excluded) with layers of clothing weighing in excess of 60 lbs. or more worn during the Renaissance. Throughout history, comfort was traditionally sacrificed for fashion. My costumes are made
with both comfort and authenticity in mind.
Where I may sacrifice uncomfortable
and unpleasant boning in some
period pieces, I over
compensate with extra
thick lining or interfacing
to achieve that rigid, formal look.
Where 30 buttons and button holes are used
down the back, I may use a selection of faux buttons concealing a hidden zipper...
it's much easier for you to get dressed!
My costumes are not
made to be authentic reproductions.
My costumes are just that,costumes.
Created to be, visually, as close to
authentic as possible. Created to allow
a person to recreate a moment in time
and for just a short while, become
someone else, explore different
lifestyles, discover different
personalities. With my web site,
it's all about you. You'll find
that my costumes are made
for you with your specifications.
No other costume will be exactly
like yours. From the color to the fabric
selection, you tell me what you want and
allow me to personally create a costume that
will send you anywhere in time you wish to go. How would you like to captain your own Pirate ship or go to battle in the Civil War? Costumes allow us to experience new things and exposes personalities that we normally keep hidden. Go ahead, it's ok to let it out, you're in a costume!