Costume Rentals

15th Century Courtier 15th Century Courtier
Velvets and Heavy Brocades were the Fabric in Those Days.
The Medieval era men & women found themselves draped in elaborate brocades & velvets, properly adorned for the royal court. This Tunic is trimmed at the ...    more
Black Cross Knight Black Cross Knight
You'll be Dashing, Debonair and Daring!
Go forth, defeat the dragon and protect the maiden sacrifice. This is a superb costume is made of faux suede and leather adorned with brocade trim and ...    more
Court Jester - Royal Fool Court Jester - Royal Fool
Make Them Laugh With You, Not at You.
Fools and Jesters were costumed with layers of colorful material of all different patterns, accented with bells and ribbons. Creative styling with wide ...    more
Court Jester in Gold Court Jester in Gold
Fool of Fools in a Court of Clowns!
Entertain the dynasties with a little bit of juggling and a little bit of jocularity. Look jesterly jolly in this gold & burgundy, diamond weave tunic. ...    more
Court Jester in Red Court Jester in Red
Eat, Drink and Be Merry, Let the Court of Fools Begin!
Let the bells ring out as you dance and entertain the royal court and their subjects. Festive tunic in bright red and yellow, trimmed in gold. The entire ...    more
Dale of Rutland Dale of Rutland
Lord of the Lands, Master of the Manor
Hooded cape drapes fully over mid-length v-neck tunic. Faux leather wrist guards lace up snugly around large peasant sleeves.
Dark Lord Warlock Dark Lord Warlock
This Mystic Medieval Lord Relies on Fear & Darkness to Rule!
Intimidating his subjects to cowl down before him with incantations and evil spirits, this Dark Lord is one tough ruler. Draped entirely in black with ...    more
Executioner-1 Executioner-1
Masked Enforcer of Death, A Real Pain In The Neck!
A person's profession was always depicted by the clothing one wore. The morbid fear of death that presided over the Executioner terrified the entire town. ...    more
Executioner-2 Executioner-2
The First Cut is the Deepest!
Silent but deadly, you need not speak when you carry a large sharp axe. Hidden behind a cage like mask, your identity is kept concealed. Dressed plainly ...    more
Gothic Medievil Lady Gothic Medievil Lady
Medi Evil Magestry, Mi Lady of Mystery.
From the darkest depths of the Kings forest to the chilly chambers of the royal palace, your looking mysteriously malice in this floor length black velvet ...    more
King Arthur King Arthur
Enter the World of Camelot, Excalibur and the Knights of the Round Table.
Myth or legend, this historical figure was the epitome of good against evil. Fighting with all the romance of the era in this elegant tunic with royal ...    more
Knight - Black Demon Knight - Black Demon
The Darkest and The Most Feared of All The Knights!
While waiting to joust your latest nemesis for the Queen's favor, you lounge around King Arthur's court in this 3/4 length tunic with silver crest. Black ...    more
Knight Christopher of Denley Knight Christopher of Denley
My Sword is Yours M' Lord!
Honor and protect the monarch with your life like your ancestors before. Wearing a tunic made of your family colors and insignia, blousy shirt extending ...    more
Coming Soon Knight of the Realm - 1
Tournaments Over, Let the Feast Begin!
Celebrate your triumph victory while wearing your best tunic proudly baring the colors for which you competed under. Split side fastened with buckles, ...    more
Knight of the Realm - 2 Knight of the Realm - 2
Slay the Beast & Save the Fair Maiden!
Full tunic donning the family crest you serve under. Drawstring pants gather at the waist and again at the ankles. Faux leather collar, wrist gauntlets ...    more
Knight of the Red Crest Knight of the Red Crest
For Honor of the King and the Lady's Favor!
Join the Crusade, fight for your King, gain the honor and valor of a fair maiden and defeat a Dragon, it's all in a days work for a mighty Knight of the ...    more
Knight of the Round Table Golden Crest Knight of the Round Table Golden Crest
Sworn To Uphold the Sanctity of King with Honor, Integrity and a Big Sword!
Wether in battle, in competition or in romance, you're one on the Kings Knights, respected, revered and idolized. With a golden crest on the chest, this ...    more
Knight of the Round Table-Orange Cross Knight of the Round Table-Orange Cross
Knights Code of Ethics, Defend the Church, Justice and Honor.
Join the brotherhood of mounted warriors in your decorated Tabot baring the family color. Faux leather wrist guards and boot tops. Full cape gracefully ...    more
Knight's Squire Knight's Squire
This Knight's Tale Begins with Mi Lord!
Throughout the Jousts, throughout the battles, your allegiance to the Knighted master remains unwaivered. Stand tall next to your master in this red, ...    more
Knight's Squire  in Brown Knight's Squire in Brown
Lords of the Realm Unite!
Honor runs deep amongst the Kings select league of uncanny warriors. The circle of Knights were revered by all from nobility to peasant. Dressed in the ...    more
Lady of the Shire Lady of the Shire
Mi Lords & Mi Ladies of Nobility...
Birth right has set your aside from the common folk & peasants. Donning royal velvets, plush velours, fine satins and linens offers up enough ambiance ...    more
Coming Soon Lord of the Shire
Dress To Excess...You're Nobility...It's Good To Be King!
Living with the "In" crowd gave you stature, social positioning & a very elaborate wardrobe. As it was with Mi Ladies, it was with Mi Lords, robes & cloaks ...    more
Medieval Hunter Medieval Hunter
This Mystic Medieval Hunter Manages Without Elves & Dwarfs.
Through the forest and the trees with a bow and arrow slung over your shoulder you set out on your journey to adventure. In a pale green tunic with faux ...    more
Medieval King Juan Medieval King Juan
A Kingdom of Riches Awaits You!
Rule over your subjects with a firm hand and a mighty sword. Dressed in a gold embroidered tapestry tunic with emerald green trim and decorated with a ...    more
Medieval King Juan Medieval King Juan
A Kingdom of Riches Awaits You!
Rule over your subjects with a firm hand and a mighty sword. Dressed in a gold embroidered tapestry tunic with emerald green trim and decorated with a ...    more
Medieval Knight in Brown Medieval Knight in Brown
Shall I Slay the Dragon for Mi Lady?
From the true days of Dungeons and Dragons, doing battle for the favor of the local Princess was all in a days work. All tricked out in this full tunic ...    more
Medieval Lady Geovana Medieval Lady Geovana
Lady of Elegance, Charm and Luxury!
Trimmed in fur, this Lady of the court's jet set knows how to dress the part. Youre no lady in waiting in this luxurious deep brown satin gown trimmed ...    more
Medieval Maiden Medieval Maiden
Move Over Maiden, You're a Lady in Waiting No More!
Lounging around the castle in your Medieval house dress, youre royally elegant in this brown, velvet embossed dress. Laced up the front and worn over ...    more
Medieval Maiden Malissa Medieval Maiden Malissa
Nobel Pomp & Pageantry
Layers of fine fabrics adorn this castle maiden. Cross patterned white satin outer robe is trimmed with deep blue faux fur and drapes gracefully over ...    more
Medieval Masquerade - Vincent Medieval Masquerade - Vincent
Mardi Gras Meets the Middle Ages!
Join the Kings masquerade in your finest multi colored tunic draped in layers of beads. Full, oversized shirt blouses out from underneath while a fancy ...    more
Medieval Prince Raymond Medieval Prince Raymond
Bow Peasant When Presented to Royalty!
Pomp and circumstance, societal etiquette and noble pageantry. Born and breed for the crown you look remarkably regal in purple and gold. Shirt includes ...    more
Medieval Princess Erica Medieval Princess Erica
Mi Lady of Nobility, So Elegantly Regal!
Mistress of the Castle, Princess to the Throne, rights of royalty comes the privilege of the finest in fabrics and wardrobes. Draped in gold and purple ...    more
Medieval Queen Karoline Medieval Queen Karoline
Mi Lady, Thine Golden Grace Shines True!
Luxury was lavished over all of England's Nobility. The best of silks, gold spun elaborate embroidered brocades. Let the peasants go hungry, as long as ...    more
Medieval Wizzard Medieval Wizzard
Castles & Caldrons, Dungeons & Dragons.
With a pinch of Lizard toes and the essence of Bat wing, a hex is cast. Deep in the catacombs of the Kings castle you mystically summon the spirits wearing ...    more
Musketeer Blue Coat Musketeer Blue Coat
Honor & Loyalty Rein True!
Serve and protect your King in this period styled tunic with cape sleeves and Coat of Arms crest. A crisp white Pirate styled shirt and wide brimmed feathered ...    more
Prince Vincent Prince Vincent
Son of Royalty, Prince of All Men!
Born into Royalty your duties and loyalties are set in stone from birth. The future of the kingdom and your subjects lie with. Looking ever so regal in ...    more
Queen Erica Queen Erica
Royal Elegance Personified!
Vintage Royalty at it's most regal. Gold flowing gown with shear caped sleeves & underskirt. Faux fur collared cape & crown. Team up with any King ...    more
Royal Court Page Royal Court Page
Classy, Elegant and Very Comfortable.
Throughout the Medieval and Renaissance periods, elegance was par for the course for most wardrobes from the highest Royals to the lowly court Page. Rich ...    more
Sorcerer Sorcerer
Cast the Demons of Darkness with Your Sorcerer
For all who cross you, beware. With a little devils dust, dragons breath and the hair of a dwarf you cast your evil through out the forest. Wearing ...    more
Sorcerer - Demonic Medieval Sorcerer - Demonic Medieval
Dark Demons Deliver!
Spirits of the dark are called upon to strengthen your power. You serve the demons and cast your spells in this deep purple hooded overlay draped mystically ...    more
Sorcerer Royal Wizard Sorcerer Royal Wizard
Love Potions and Mystical Spells!
You'll cast your spell on everyone who crosses your path in this magical purple velvet robe covered with gold metallic stars, purple satin under robe ...    more
Wizard Deluxe Wizard Deluxe
I'll Cast A Spell On You & Then You're Mine!
Incantations and rhythmical rhymes can be cast over your sworn enemy, closest adversary or the neighboring villagers. Your wizardly powers are sought ...    more
Wizard, Black Magic Wizard, Black Magic
From the Wizardry of Merlin to the Incantations of Hogwarts.
Join in the mystic mayhem of the Midieval period. You too can feel the magic dressed in this floor length, long sleeve black cotton robe with drawstring ...    more