Dug The Costume Guy

Welcome to Masquerade Wear, home of the most exciting, creative and outrageous award winning costumes on the west coast. I started out as a small, home based business, creating original, custom designed, detail oriented, one of a kind costumes for local clientele, theater groups, schools and churches. With over 20 years of costuming, I am now sharing my collection of costumes with you. My costume selection is diverse and unique and you’ll find my web site to be different from the others. All of my costumes are one of a kind, non-multi manufactured or mass produced, no two costumes will ever be identical. It’s all about you! You are just as much a part of creating the costume as I am. I customize and recreate each costume with your specifications. You choose the costume, you choose the color and fabric, adding your precise measurements and my Adjust-Fit construction, the costume is delivered to you with all the personal, one-to-one, customer service amenities that you require.

My web site also offers year-round rentals for local customers and large groups or organizations. For years I have favored the Renaissance and Pirate periods, supplying costumes for many reenactment associations. My more outrageous and diverse selection of outfits are featured more in my Halloween rentals. Log on and see some of the photos of my subjects and their alternate identities.

So, thanks for checking us out and I hope you enjoy your visit through the world of The Costume Guy. Feel free to leave any feedback you desire. If you like the web site...or not, if you like the costumes... or not, especially, if my information and details are accurate...or not!!! I welcome all comments.

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