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Lady Pirate Captain  Lady Pirate Captain $200.00
Avast, me Harties, it's bad luck to have a lady aboard ship! Putting pirate folk lore, old superstitions & shivery behind you, stand aside matey, the Capt'ns a lady! Ayyyy, and look'n mighty good donning this bright red Captain's jacket, accented with gold trim and large gold buttons. Wide black cuffs supporting large lace ruffles adding just a touch of elegance to what is seemingly a masculine ensemble. A stylishly detailed extra long, brocade vest deems the need for britches cumbersome & unnecessary. Boot tops worn over fish net stockings finishes off this romantic costume with a little sex appeal. Includes: Jacket with sleeve ruffle attached, long brocade vest, white shirt & hat. 
Includes: Jacket with Ruffle, Vest, Shirt & Hat.
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Red & Black