Costume Sales

Lady Pirate Captain Lady Pirate Captain
Avast, me Hearties!
Avast, me Harties, it's bad luck to have a lady aboard ship! Putting pirate folk lore, old superstitions & shivery behind you, stand aside matey, the ...    more
Lady Swashbuckler Lady Swashbuckler
Man Overboard, this Girl's in Charge Now!
Looking dapper and ship shape in her form fitting bodice lacing up the front and both sides for that snug sword slinging fit. Drawstring, long sleave, ...    more
Painless Pete the Pirate Painless Pete the Pirate
Best Be Lookin' Ship Shape Ye Swabby or You'll Be Walkin' the Plank!
Weigh anchor and batten down the hatches. After a night of pillaging you're ready to set sail in this classic blue & white striped shirt, V-neck with ...    more
Pirate Blue Blade Pirate Blue Blade
Yo Ho Ho & a Bottle of Rum! Me fitn' to Set Sail, Thee Sunkn' Treasure Awaits!
The name Blue Blade says it all in this blue on blue toned Pirate garb. Deep blue velvet vest with shoulder accents. Traditional, loosely fitted, blousy ...    more
Red Skull the Pirate Red Skull the Pirate
Aye Matey, Ye Be the Terror of the Seven Seas n' Ain't No One Meaner!
Intimidation is your weapon. Heartless & fierce & ready for any swarthy cutthroat that may cross your path in this menacing red & black classic Pirate ...    more
Swashbuckler Deluxe Swashbuckler Deluxe
"All Hands on Deck! Man the Cannons.
Let no treasure stealin' skalleywag reach the gold!" Be fit and ready for attack in this faux suede Jerkin styled vest trimmed with black and highlighted ...    more