Costume Sales

15th Century Courtier 15th Century Courtier
Velvets and Heavy Brocades were the Fabric in Those Days.
The Medieval era men & women found themselves draped in elaborate brocades & velvets, properly adorned for the royal court. This Tunic is trimmed at the ...    more
Court Jester - Royal Fool Court Jester - Royal Fool
Make Them Laugh With You, Not at You.
Fools and Jesters were costumed with layers of colorful material of all different patterns, accented with bells and ribbons. Creative styling with wide ...    more
Knight - Black Demon Knight - Black Demon
The Darkest and The Most Feared of All The Knights!
While waiting to joust your latest nemesis for the Queen's favor, you lounge around King Arthur's court in this 3/4 length tunic with silver crest. Black ...    more
Coming Soon Knight of the Realm - 1
Tournaments Over, Let the Feast Begin!
Celebrate your triumph victory while wearing your best tunic proudly baring the colors for which you competed under. Split side fastened with buckles, ...    more
Lady of the Shire Lady of the Shire
Mi Lords & Mi Ladies of Nobility...
Birth right has set your aside from the common folk & peasants. Donning royal velvets, plush velours, fine satins and linens offers up enough ambiance ...    more
Coming Soon Lord of the Shire
Dress To Excess...You're Nobility...It's Good To Be King!
Living with the "In" crowd gave you stature, social positioning & a very elaborate wardrobe. As it was with Mi Ladies, it was with Mi Lords, robes & cloaks ...    more
Wizard, Black Magic Wizard, Black Magic
From the Wizardry of Merlin to the Incantations of Hogwarts.
Join in the mystic mayhem of the Midieval period. You too can feel the magic dressed in this floor length, long sleeve black cotton robe with drawstring ...    more