Costume Rentals

Cowgirl Annie Cowgirl Annie
The Wild West Isn't Just for the Men!
Yee Ha and a Yippie Ky-Aye! Saddle up Y'all and mosey on down to the corral. We're fix'n to have ourselves a Rodeo and these Gaucho styled shorts and ...    more
Cowgirl Luvable Lizzy Cowgirl Luvable Lizzy
Dance Hall Girl Dance Hall Girl
Saloon Stage Starlet Kicking High for the Calistoga Cowboy!
You're what made the wild west even wilder in this low cut, swoop front, show stoppin' costume. Rose toned bodice with a sash front reveals most of your ...    more
Frontiersman Frontiersman
Salute to the King of the Wild Frontier!
Whether trapping skins for trade or hunting food for the winter, you're ready to challenge the elements in this faux leather fringe chaps. Indian styled ...    more
Indian - Pale Face Indian - Pale Face
Big Heapum' Indian Warrior!
From the T-pee to the Toma Hawk, you're off the battle the dreaded white man in this loosely fitting, open front shirt with Indian embroidered motif and ...    more
Indian - Red Eagle Indian - Red Eagle
Soar Like An Eagle Fight Like a Warrior!
With the look of death in his eyes, this is one tough Tomahawk banishing Indian. Leather vest, drawstring pant with split leg lacing all the way up, front ...    more
Indian Girl Indian Girl
Indian Girl Blows Big Kisses!
Sought after by every Indian warrior in the tribe, this alluring faux buck skin costume is sure to attract the right young man for a proper pow wow. This ...    more
Indian Maiden Indian Maiden
Sorry to Ruffle You Feathers Chief but This Squaw's In Charge!
Hunting Buffalo and smoking the peace pipe may be left to the men but the women ran the tribe. From the T-Pee to the Totem Pole, from the cooking to the ...    more
Indian Maiden Little Feather Indian Maiden Little Feather
Indian Princess Indian Princess
Chiefly Royalty, Tribal Queen!
Crowned with a headdress of beads and feathers, wrapped in white, there is nothing too good for the daughter of the tribes Chief. Floor length, Indian ...    more
Indian Warrior Indian Warrior
Playing Cowboys and Indians Isn't Just For Kids Anymore!
Whether hinting Buffalo or battling the white man on the plains, you stand strong and tall in your tribe as a mighty warrior. Faux suede shirt and pants ...    more
Indian Warrior  Pon Indian Warrior  Pon
Injun G Hawk Injun G Hawk
Injun' Jo Injun' Jo
Angry On The Outside Happy On The Inside!
Intimidation is your main weapon against the white man and this Indian's serious about his. Faux suede trimmed vest, drawstring pant with Indian print ...    more
Saloon Girl - Passion Pearl Saloon Girl - Passion Pearl
Brassy Barmaid from Way Out West!
Now we know how the west was won, with little ladies such as yourselves. From cattle rustlers to cow hands, you serve 'em up with a little satin, a few ...    more
Saloon Girl - Pink Pearl Saloon Girl - Pink Pearl
Precious Pink Pearl, a Saloon Jewel Way Out West!
Down Cowboy, this little gem is a pearl in a field of tumble weeds in a pink corset styled dress decorated in ribbon and sequins. Skirt is made of layers ...    more
Saloon Girl - Sassy Satin Sadie Saloon Girl - Sassy Satin Sadie
Belly Up To The Bar Boys!
You're the reason the Wild West stays so wild looking sassy in this tan satin, slip styled little number. Trimmed with fringe and dangling strands of ...    more
Saloon Girl-Calico Kate Saloon Girl-Calico Kate
Saloon's a Hop'n and the Whiskey's a Flow'n!
Call'n all Cowboys, Katie's the lady who'll wet your whistle. Your westerly wiles will be at there best in this racy red and gold dress with corset styled ...    more
Saloon Girl-Emerald Green Saloon Girl-Emerald Green
Sexy Saloon Siren Hit Emerald City!
Bad boys beware, there is a new broad in town and she's shining and shimmery in a rich green satin and lace saloon dress. Decorated with sequin appliques ...    more
Saloon Madam Saloon Madam
Sexy, Sultry and Ready to Rule the Hen House!
The saloon's full of chicks and youre the mother hen. Its your saloon, your girls, your show. A full length purple velvet gown was the uniform of the ...    more
Side Saddle Sosa Side Saddle Sosa
Western Cowgirl Western Cowgirl
This Cowgirl
Hearty, wholesome and happy to lasso the first cowboy riding her way. Wearing a full length, heavy woven tan skirt secured at the waist with a large black ...    more