Costume Rentals

Angel of Death Angel of Death
Wandering the Hospital Corridors in the Still of the Night, Death and Darkness Follow.
This is one nurse you won't want taking your vitals. Dressed morbidly in all black, this nurse styled dress is accented with a medium length cape and ...    more
Coming Soon Attack Victim
Dude, That's Messed Up!
Blood, guts & gore is all that's left of you as you're taken to the hospital. Your hospital gown is covered in blood from your chest being ripped open. ...    more
Axe Murderer Axe Murderer
Lizzy Borden Has Nothing On You!
A serial murderer with an axe as your weapon of choice, you're a cut above the rest! There is nothing subtle about this outfit, a bloody jump suit with ...    more
Coming Soon Bad Seed
You Are the Ultimate Spoiled Brat!
There is going to be no milk and cookies for bad little girls who brutally murder anyone who disobeys you. Looking adorably innocent in ruffles and curls, ...    more
Biker Bitch Bride Biker Bitch Bride
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Tatooed!
Your mother may have wanted you to wear white, but your soul told you to be in leather. Your traditional wedding dress is accented with a bad ass, black ...    more
Coming Soon Black Bat
One Would Have to be Blind as a Bat Not to Notice You in this Outfit.
A Bat never looked so sexy! This short dress laces all the way up both sides, allowing for several different sizes and comfort levels. A pair of wide ...    more
Black Demon Black Demon
Seriously Sinister and Everything Evil!
From the depths of darkness rises this deadly demon. Long black robe and hooded cloak drapes over metal reinforced skeletal remains.
Black Widow Black Widow
Don't Let this Sexy, Sultry Vixen Fool You, She Just Had a Husband for Dinner!
Dark and slinky, you spin your web of desire in this black satin dress with sheer skirt panels. A poncho made of black webbing worn over the entire outfit ...    more
Bloody Bride Bloody Bride
Til Death Do Us Part Was Never Truer!
It may have been a beautiful wedding, but the honeymoon left you feeling a bit cold and frigid. Your wedding dress is all covered in blood, torn and shredded ...    more
Coming Soon Child of Death
Bad Girl, Bad, Bad Little Girl!
Looking as cute as you can be in your little baby doll styled dress and stylish bloomer, they won't see the pure evil that haunts you to the core. The ...    more
Colonial Squire Ghost Colonial Squire Ghost
Court Jester from Hell Court Jester from Hell
Laughter May Not Be the Best Medicine!
Satin's sadistic servant of evil entertainment. Evil treachery and painful pranks is the order of business in this knee length, brightly colored jacket, ...    more
Devil - Luscious Lucifer Devil - Luscious Lucifer
You Good Lookin' Devil You!
You'll knock 'em dead as the king of all condemned soles. You're a dapper devil ruling your servants in this deep blood red smoking jacket with extra ...    more
Devil's Masquerade Female Devil's Masquerade Female
Your Lookin' Sinful at Hell's Masquerade Ball!
You'll be the sensation of any hell raising event in this devilishly erotic in red Chiffon dress with wide, opened sleeves and black patent leather bodice, ...    more
Coming Soon Dirty Little Devil
It's Time to Dance With The Devil in the Pale Moon Light.
With those demonic eyes and devilish grin, you're one hot demon in this seductive Devil's ensemble. Red Velveteen vest can be worn with or without the ...    more
Coming Soon Doctor Kill-Dare
This Doctor Has One Killer Bedside Manner!
With a 100% death rate, this is one doctor I wouldn't want operating on me. Looking dapper in your doctor robe, a Stethoscope around your neck and a bag ...    more
Dominator Dominator
It's My Way or Die!
Dark and dangerous, you're dungeon of demented doom awaits your next subject of domination. Dressed all in black, this split sleeved robe styled shirt ...    more
Coming Soon Dominatrix
Ma'am, Yes Ma'am, I Will Obey!
Soft and demure is out, daring and demanding are in. Control your subserviants by brute force and watch them squirm in black faux leather from head to ...    more
Frankenstien's Bride Frankenstien's Bride
Coming Soon Ghosts
Lost Soles, Spirits of the Night!
Many styles to choose from.
Good Witch - Miss Malissa Good Witch - Miss Malissa
Nothing Wicked Going On here!
A spell of kindness is your dark magic in this over sized Witch's hat trimmed with dozens of black feathers for that over the top fantasy feel. Simple ...    more
Coming Soon Grim Reaper
Not Someone You Want to Become Friends With!
When your knocking at Death's door, this is the man who is likely to answer. Draped in layers of soiled & faded black and grey fabric, your sleeves are ...    more
Hell's Belle Hell's Belle
Be the Belle of the Ball, the Zombie Ball!
The Cryptic Cotillion has begun! It's the social event for the walking dead and you're looking your beastly best. Dressed in your favorite ball gown, ...    more
Hospital Horror Hospital Horror
This is One Mean Stomach Ache!
You go in for a simple Appendectomy and Dr. Dementia can't remember the difference between an operating room and a slaughter house. With your guts hanging ...    more
Jack the Ripper Jack the Ripper
Streets of London No Longer Safe Law Abiding Hookers!
Slithering through the shadows, down the dark streets of England, you slash the throats of the ladies of the night. Cloaked in a full black cape, your ...    more
Coming Soon Judge Death
The Verdict is in...I Here By Sentence You to Death!
You are Judge and Jury in this courtroom of death ruling over who lives or dies. The traditional Judges robe gives you the look of authority and the hooded ...    more
Killer Ant Attack Killer Ant Attack
What's a Picnic Without A Few Ants?!
We're adding a new spin to the term "Bug Killer". In our world, it's the bugs that are doing the killing. Hundreds of regular Killer Ants along with their ...    more
Killer Clown - Scull Killer Clown - Scull
You'll Laugh Til' It Hurts!
There is nothing more enjoyable and frightening than a Clown, especially these. Colorful, oversized ruffles accent a large checkered shirt with built ...    more
Mad Scientist Mad Scientist
Brainiac or Maniac?!
You've got the formula for madness with a beaker full of insanity. Dress in a disheveled lab coat that has been blown up a time or two, draw string pants ...    more
Coming Soon Michael Myers
Halloween's Menacing Masked Murderer Walks Again!
The movies immortalized him and we brought him to life. A simple, somber costume with great impact, apprehension and paralyzing fear. A blue industrial ...    more
Prom Date from Hell Prom Date from Hell
Psycho Santa Psycho Santa
Not Your Traditional, Story Book, Jolly Ole St. Nick!
After years of screaming kids, nasty Reindeer and a bunch of overactive Elves, Santa has finally snapped. Disheveled, deranged and dressed for disaster ...    more
Psycho Santa's Evil Elf Psycho Santa's Evil Elf
This is One Elf Who has Lost His Christmas Spirit!
Elfin magic takes on an evil twist as Santa's helper becomes more naughty than nice. Due to all your evil deeds, your traditional Elf costume has been ...    more
Pumpkinhead Scarecrows Pumpkinhead Scarecrows
These are Not Your Typical Cornfield Scarecrows!
Jack-O-Lanterns come to life in these awesomely animated Scarecrow costumes. Halloween carved pumpkin headpiece will uniquely set you apart from all everyone. ...    more
Skeleton Scarecrow Skeleton Scarecrow
Death Resides in a Field of Corn!
You'd be angry too if you were left hanging on a stick in a field with no one to talk to but a bunch of birds. Dressed in tattered clothes with straw ...    more
Spider Vixen Spider Vixen
This is One Venomous Vixen You Don't Want to Tangle With.
Her seductive grace, her enticing web and her biting venom, you tangle with this vixen of the darkness and you'll be paralyzed with fear. Dressed in this ...    more
Swamp Ghoul Swamp Ghoul
Damp, Dingy & Deadly!
From fathoms below, within the confines of a murky world from which no one returns, comes this ghoulish creature. Take a trip to a dark lagoon near you ...    more
Coming Soon Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Leather Face was More Than His Nick Name, It was His Obsession!
Terrorizing the citizens of Texas, he collected bodies and killed them with his chain saw. He was the first to use natural skin as a fashion statement. ...    more
The Birds Attack - Female The Birds Attack - Female
Not Feeling the Love of Our Fine Feathered Friends!
Also taken from the horror classic, your looking stylish in your pale blue vintage suit and a leisure walk turns into a fiendish, feathered frenzy. Sharp ...    more
The Birds Attack - Male The Birds Attack - Male
This Costume is Not Just For the Birds!
Inspired by the classic horror movie, these birds are out for blood. Looking dapper in what once was a conservatively styled suit and hat is now ripped ...    more
Undertaker Undertaker
Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust!
Hide your murderous desires behind your profession. You kill them, you bury them. Everyone will have a funeral some day, you're just helping them along ...    more
Vampira, Countess Vampira, Countess
Dracula's Beloved Countess of the Crypt!
Seduction is one of a Vampire's most powerful weapons and after centuries of wandering the earth with the same man, you still look unbelievably blood ...    more
Vampire - Colonial Vampire - Colonial
Vampire - Dracula Vampire - Dracula
Velcome to Transilvania, I Vont To Suck Your Blood!
Rising up from your coffin, night fall brings an uncontrollable hunger to feed on young, unsuspecting victims. You'll move gracefully through the shadows, ...    more
Voodoo Bone Collector Voodoo Bone Collector
The ultimate grave robber, this Voodoo Witch Doctor works his evil spells from the bones of the diseased. Be seen roaming the grave yards at night in ...    more
Werewolf Raveged Cheerleader Werewolf Raveged Cheerleader
Rip Em Up, Tear Em Up, Go Team!
Beware the full moon if your dating the star of the football team and he's a Warewolf. The romance is over as the moon rises and he tears into your chest ...    more
Werewolf Varsity Hero Werewolf Varsity Hero
Once Bitten and High School Goes to the Dogs!
Captain of the football team, dating the head cheerleader and the nights full moon starts to transform the star quarterback from innocent teen into raging ...    more
Witch Cute Witch Cute
Sugar and Spice is the Omly Spell You'll Cast!
Not all wicked Witches are bad. This is one wicked that is a good thing and she's all wrapped up in an absolutely adorable velvet and satin dress with ...    more
Witch Hazzel Witch Hazzel
I'll Put a Spell On You!
You can't keep a good Witch down. A few spells, a wicked laugh and you are sailing your broomstick across the sky's in traditional Witches garb as black ...    more
Coming Soon Zombie Bride
Until death do us part...
Married in the dress, buried in the dress. Unfortunately, you don't stay buried. Brutally murdered on your wedding day, now your on a honeymood for eternaty ...    more
Zombie James Zombie James
Beware the Undead as They Walk the Earth Throughout the Night.
Direct from the grave with snakes, worms and rats covering your torn, fraid and faded suit. Cob webs cover the entire jacket and hat.