Costume Rentals

Angel & Devil - Sexy Angel & Devil - Sexy
Army Brat Army Brat
Major Military Mischief Maker
Keep your soldier at full attention in this Army green jacket decorated in gold buttons and ribbons. Short camouflage layered skirt brings a little sex ...    more
Black Widow Pixie Black Widow Pixie
Coming Soon Cat
Meow, You Femme Fatale.
Curiosity may kill a cat but you have nine lives and so prowl away. Using all you feline wiles you'll be absolutely purr-fect in this fur collar and chest ...    more
Cave Girl - Jurassic Jane Cave Girl - Jurassic Jane
Cave Dwelling Diva
Keeping your cave warm at night is no problem for a prehistoric hotty like this. Costume includes top with attached sleeves, black satin under skirt, ...    more
Coming Soon Circus Girl
Come One Come All to the Greatest Show On Earth!
From atop an Elephant to the Trapeze high above the center ring, your golden circus costume shines in the spot lights. A one piece, gold sequin body suit ...    more
Doctor Phil Good Doctor Phil Good
Tell Me Where It Hurts, Dr. Phil Good's Making House Calls!
You're just what the Doctor ordered. Diagnosis, take two of you and call back in the morning. Prepped and ready to operate, this frisky physician wears ...    more
Fire Fighter Girl Fire Fighter Girl
Four Alarm Fire!
You'll be putting out fires all night long in this sexy form fitting Fireman's jacket. Velcro fasteners down the front with a wide black belt allows the ...    more
French Maid French Maid
As You Wish Mon Cheri...Oh La La!
Looking internationally seductive in this very short, very popular black satin Maid's costume. Ruffle skirt with white netting underskirt and matching ...    more
French Upstairs Maid French Upstairs Maid
Oui Oui Mon A Mei...Fluff You Pillow!
Upstairs maids do different jobs than the downstairs maids do, after all, the bedrooms are upstairs. Red satin ruffle underskirt peaks out form under ...    more
Ghost Sexy Girl Ghost Sexy Girl
Spirits Friends, Come Out, Come Out Where Ever You Are!
Your ghostly shroud sways gracefully in the deathly midnight breeze as your spirit image materializes to human form. Look hauntingly alluring in this ...    more
Coming Soon Graduate Flasher
Mom & Dad, Proud of Me Now!
What else would you expect from the class clown and what better time to prove you're the big man on campus than graduation day in front of everyone in ...    more
Harlequin Rhapsody in Blue Harlequin Rhapsody in Blue
Harlequin Honey!
Rhapsody in blue, purple & green. A satin symphony that is bound to turn head when you orchestrate the room. Adjustable bodice laces up in several locations ...    more
Coming Soon Hawaiian Maiden
Aloha You Pineapple Princess!
You'll feel like a truly tropical dancing at a Luau in this brightly colored, tie in front blouse just barely covering the sexy Coconut bra underneath. ...    more
Coming Soon Jungle Girl-Jane
Tarzan's the King of the Jungle and You're His Queen!
From tree to tree, from jungle to jungle, you'll look wildly provocative in this Tarzan inspired number. Wrap around skirt and top made of faux suede ...    more
Lady Annabelle Lady Annabelle
Fairy Tale Princess!
Find your Prince Charming and your fairy tale can come true in this shorten adaptation of a traditional Princess costume...a little leg never hurt anyone. ...    more
Coming Soon Little Bo Peep
In This Outfit, You'll Get More Than Sheep Scampering Behind You!
Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep. Well, we can help you find them in this cutesy, petite costume. Short ruffled skirt revealing even more ruffles on ...    more
Mermaid Mermaid
Sexy, Slinky and Swimmingly Seductive!
Gorgeous, golden glamour in a fabulous fish tail. Your underwater adventure begins now in this very form fitting gold sequin gown with flared out fish ...    more
Mi Lady Gabriella Mi Lady Gabriella
Mi Lady, Your Slip is Showing!
Knock the 15th Century on it's ears with this sexy Upper Class Renaissance number. Traditional formal bodice of forest green and black velveteen is accented ...    more
Nurse - Sexy Nurse - Sexy
This Medical Mistress is Just What the Doctor Ordered!
You're one nurse who's definitely born to heal and in this costume you can relieve all that ails. Standard white nurses uniform shortened to a fever causing ...    more
Pharaoh Tut Pharaoh Tut
Pharaoh Of All Pharaohs!
Resembling one of the most famous of all kings, this costume will not only allow the Egyptian legacy to live on but in more revealing attire. Short white ...    more
Pirate - Lady Gabriella Pirate - Lady Gabriella
Yer Be'n A Pirate Treasure Indeed.
Lady Pirate were seldom seen on the high seas but how can you be missed when you look this good! Your pirate blouse with brass buttoned sleeves is worn ...    more
Playboy Swinger Playboy Swinger
Prize Fighter Prize Fighter
And In This Corner, Heavy-Weight Heartbreak Kid!
Pump up those Pecs and wrap your wrists, you're in for a mean, clean 10 rounds. You'll be a knock out in this satin hooded boxing robe and matching shorts.
Sexy Ceasar Sexy Ceasar
Cleopatra, Eat Your Heart Out!
Even the ruler of Egypt had his sexy side how else would he have captured Cleopatra's heart. Drawstring skirt with slight opening on side, red sash & ...    more
Coming Soon Sexy Little Red Riding Hood
All The Wolves in the Forest Will be After You in This Costume!
Over the hill and through the woods, this isnt your grand mothers Little Red Riding Hood. Shiny red satin skirt and off the shoulder blouse trimmed ...    more
She Devil Sultry She Devil Sultry
Devilishly Dangerous in Black Lace and Boas!
Look sinfully seductive as you tantalize, tease and entice your way into the soles of every man. Black lace bodice with flesh toned lining, trimmed in ...    more
Coming Soon Temptress
Tempting Seductress, This is One Minx Worth Messing With!
Brazen in black, you slink through every situation taking no prisoners. Form hugging dress cut in all the right places. Red cape works passionately against ...    more
The Playboy The Playboy
You're Hot, You're Sexy, You're Irresistible to Everyone!
All the girls will melt when they look into your bedroom eye and swoon when they see you in this luxuriously romantic red satin, full length robe and ...    more