Costume Rentals

Henry VIII Henry VIII
King of England in the 1500's & Husband of 6 Different Wives.
It's good to be king. Wife doesn't give you a male heir, have her beheaded and marry again. Henry was a big man, with an oversized richly colored brocade ...    more
Coming Soon Henry VIII's Ann Boleyn
She's Head Over Heels For Her Husband Henry the VIII.
When your husband the king has decided he wants a new wife and divorce is not an option afforded royalty, the only civilized alternative left is to be ...    more
Coming Soon King-Traditional
Your Kingdom Awaits Your Highness.
As your royal subjects gather to honor their exalted king of the hill you appear in this detailed tunic with colorful oversized shirt underneath. Grey ...    more
Coming Soon Marie Antoinette
And She Said..."Let Them Eat Cake!"
The first queen of excessive extravagance while her subjects starved...they beheaded her! But she didn't look none the less glamorous in this pink taffeta ...    more
Medieval Prince Raymond Medieval Prince Raymond
Bow Peasant When Presented to Royalty!
Pomp and circumstance, societal etiquette and noble pageantry. Born and breed for the crown you look remarkably regal in purple and gold. Shirt includes ...    more
Medieval Princess Erica Medieval Princess Erica
Mi Lady of Nobility, So Elegantly Regal!
Mistress of the Castle, Princess to the Throne, rights of royalty comes the privilege of the finest in fabrics and wardrobes. Draped in gold and purple ...    more
Medieval Queen Karoline Medieval Queen Karoline
Mi Lady, Thine Golden Grace Shines True!
Luxury was lavished over all of England's Nobility. The best of silks, gold spun elaborate embroidered brocades. Let the peasants go hungry, as long as ...    more
Prince Vincent Prince Vincent
Son of Royalty, Prince of All Men!
Born into Royalty your duties and loyalties are set in stone from birth. The future of the kingdom and your subjects lie with. Looking ever so regal in ...    more
Queen Erica Queen Erica
Royal Elegance Personified!
Vintage Royalty at it's most regal. Gold flowing gown with shear caped sleeves & underskirt. Faux fur collared cape & crown. Team up with any King of ...    more
Red Royal Queen Red Royal Queen
As you wish, ma lady.
Look exceptionaly reagel in royal red crush velvet, split front gown. You will rule the castle with this faux fur collared cape and jeweled crown.