Costume Rentals

Cavalier Casanova Cavalier Casanova
Nobles of the Court Raise Your Goblet to the Queen!
Attend the Royal Court with all it's lavish luxury and pompous pageantry by looking extra noble in a faux suede Jerkin decorated in black embroidery trim ...    more
Ernesto the Archer Ernesto the Archer
Inn Keeper's Daughter Inn Keeper's Daughter
Careful Mi Lady, Daddy's Watching!
From serving Ale to turning down the beds, you're one working class Peasant sure to please in your off white Chamise worn loosely over the shoulders, ...    more
Lower Class Renaissance Female Lower Class Renaissance Female
Class Structure Was Extremely Prevalent in The Renaissance.
As a lower class woman, you couldn't afford the materials for an extensive wardrobe, you may have had one good outfit and you made it work. The Chemise ...    more
Lower Class Renaissance Male Lower Class Renaissance Male
Clothing Dictated Position in Society and the Working Class.
Be it farming, hunting or working the homestead, you'll be dressed for the job. Loose fitting pants are gathered from the knee down with wide leather ...    more
Lower Middle Class Maiden Lower Middle Class Maiden
Thou Shalt Serve Mi Lady Well.
From the farm to the tavern, you work to serve the socially elite. With your bodice laced up tight over your favorite Chemise and your outer skirt tucked ...    more
Middle Class Lady Middle Class Lady
Although Thine Status Has Well Risen, Thou Ist Still Just Middle Class.
Slightly nicer materials, heavy brocade insets, finer laces & select trims, all set you apart from the Lower Classes. Donning the traditional Chemise, ...    more
Middle Class Renaissance Man Middle Class Renaissance Man
Middle Class Business or Shop Owner Catters to Many.
You're neither poor nor wealthy, you're not a peasant nor nobility but you do offer a service to the upper class and you must dress the part. Your Jerkin ...    more
Middle Class Split Skirt Middle Class Split Skirt
Middle Class Triangle Skirt Middle Class Triangle Skirt
Minstrel Gypsy Janos Minstrel Gypsy Janos
15th Century Gypsy Spirit
With a song in your heart and a dance in your step, your Gypsy sole is set to perform in this playful multi colored diamond patterned vest trimmed in ...    more
Musketeer Gentleman - Winslow Duncan Musketeer Gentleman - Winslow Duncan
Join the Royal Court of Noble Gentlemen!
Be a part of the royal jet set, exude the class and romance of the middle ages in this tapestry style lace up jerkin with split sleeves and wide cuffs. ...    more
Musketeer Guardsman Musketeer Guardsman
To Honor and Protect The Crown
Your duty is to live and die for your country and your King. Dressed in silver gray velour Jerkin, matching pants and wrist cuffs with black cape. Boot ...    more
Musketeer in Green Musketeer in Green
One for All and All for One!
You're a member of a very elite group of fighting men willing to lay their lives down protecting the Queen, You are the best of the best! Your Musketeer ...    more
Nobel Renaissance Rivera Nobel Renaissance Rivera
Noble Lord - Alexander Noble Lord - Alexander
Loyals to the Crown, We Salute You!
Look your Noble best when presented to the King & Queen in this gold toned quilted Jerkin with silver grommet lace up front. Removable sleeves tie snugly ...    more
Noble Minstrel Jester Randall Noble Minstrel Jester Randall
All The Worlds A Stage!
Relive the romance and spectical of being a 15th century party animal in this whimsical diamond patterned tunic with gold quilted shoulder crowns, spiked ...    more
Noble Sire of Norwood Noble Sire of Norwood
You're Lord of the Manor, Sire!
Reveling in the upper class status quo, you're looking exceptionally regal in this velvet styled, two toned stripped Jerkin with removable, split sleeves ...    more
Pleasant Peasant Pleasant Peasant
The 15th Century Never Looked So Good!
Who says you have to dress in rags, our lovely lass has donned her very best for market day. Two toned outer skirt is worn over a tan under skirt with ...    more
Renaissance Middle Class Townsman Renaissance Middle Class Townsman
Traditional Middle Class
Perfect for the 15th century, this simple tunic vest laces up the front through silver eyelets. Full peasant styled shirt, full flowing pants with drawstring ...    more
Renaissance Upper Townsman Renaissance Upper Townsman
The Upper Class Will Alway Get Noticed!
Nobility and charm will always win over the single ladies, not to mention impressing a few not so single ones. A magnificent, striking costume offers ...    more
Renaissance Woodsman Renaissance Woodsman
Chivalrous, Suave, and Oh-So-Charming!
This is not your ordinary Woodsman & Hunter, this dapper ensemble includes a faux-suede inset lace up vest with black trim, a rugged flowing shirt, and ...    more
Shakespearian Gentleman - Stoudermire Shakespearian Gentleman - Stoudermire
Greet the Queen in Your Finest
The Shakespearian era brought us more elaborate patterns & ornate brocades. A more formal attire for everyday wear. Lace up front panel & cuffs through ...    more
Upper Class Emerald Nobilty Female Upper Class Emerald Nobilty Female
Nobly Elegant in Emerald Mi Lady!
Graceful, proper and trimmed in gold. Your birth right has granted you nobility and it has it's perks. Upper Class affords you the finer fabrics and styles ...    more
Upper Class Lady in Brown & Blue Upper Class Lady in Brown & Blue
Mi Lady, Thou ist Excellently Donned For Her Majesties Court.
Through out the 16th century, class held their own in style and power, pomp and circomstance. Look your best for the Queen's visit in this deep olive ...    more
Upper Class Red Velvet Renassaince Dress Upper Class Red Velvet Renassaince Dress
Lord & Ladies in Lavish Luxury and Vibrant Velvets!
In an era of strong social and fashion boundaries, you'll be placed in the upper crust in this richly red, flowing velvet gown with pale pink and white ...    more
Upper Class Renaissance Gentleman Upper Class Renaissance Gentleman
Matching Outfits Took Snobery To A New Level.
Upper Class couples very often wore matching ensembles. With the aire of confidence that is born to Nobility, you parade around town looking ever so regal, ...    more
Upper Class Renaissance Lady Upper Class Renaissance Lady
The Higher the Monarch the Larger the Wardrobe, the Heavier the Burden.
It's not easy being royalty! Higher Class constrains, supporting 100 lbs. or more of heavy brocade materials, bodices tight enough to concealing any shape ...    more
Upper Class Renaissance Squire Upper Class Renaissance Squire
Royal Blue Velvet Royalty!
You never looked so proper all buttoned up and ready for court. Be presented to the Queen in your best Jerkin and matching Breeches, high buttoned vest ...    more
Upper Class Renassaince Lady in Blue Upper Class Renassaince Lady in Blue
Mi Lady Does Look Most Fetching In Her Feathered Cap!
You'll look strikingly sharp as you attend the daily rallying of royales referred to as the Queens entourage in this matching blue bodice and outer skirt ...    more
Upper Middle Class Female Upper Middle Class Female
Upper Middle Class, Style Take Shape as Function Gives Way to Fashion.
Being a part of the Upper Class, affords you nicer, more formal materials, richer colors, finer weaves & more elaborate trimmings as seen in this Corset ...    more