Costume Rentals

Buccaneer Arrr-nie Buccaneer Arrr-nie
Arrgh Matey, Set Sail or Ye Be Walk'n the Plank!
Shiver me timbers! Hoist the mainsail n raise the Jolly Roger! As captain's first mate yee always be ready to set sail to the seven seas. Be Swashbuckling ...    more
Captain Dead Sea Cruz Captain Dead Sea Cruz
This is One Cruise You Don't Want To Sail!
You'll be calm, cool and cold hearted in this blood red velour Double and matching Breeches with black & gold accent trimming. Half cape drapes over one ...    more
Coming Soon Captain Hook
This is Not Your Familiar Cartoon Captain Hook!
Aye Me Bucko, you can take on the entire seven seas in this menacing full length Pirate coat with wide, lace trimmed cuffs, large gold medallion buttons ...    more
Captain Palmer Smythe Captain Palmer Smythe
Ye Be Sleep'n With the Fishes Be'n You Cross This Captain.
Looking fierce in this 15th century styled black and red Pirate costume. Faux leather Jerkin with removable sleeves and matching breeches. Half cape worn ...    more
Cut Throat the Pirate Cut Throat the Pirate
Arg...It Be Yer Treasure Map or Yer Life!
Being a Pirate, you have to be mean to survive, you have to be ruthless to be legendary. Traditional loosely woven materials are used in both the vest ...    more
Fabian The Fierce Fabian The Fierce
Swab Those Decks Mate or Ye Be Below in Irons!
Ship shape and ready to set sail in this traditional black and white Pirate costume with red trim. Skull and Cross Bone decorations instill fear and the ...    more
Fiery Wench Fiery Wench
No Body Be Messin Wit You, Ye Be One Fiery, Fightin Female!
Wirery Wench, you're one Pirate who'll knock the Barnacles off the Hull of any Scally Wag crossin' ya. With your skirt securely tucked in your belt and ...    more
Fight'n First Mate Fabian Fight'n First Mate Fabian
Arg...It's The Pirate's Life For Me!
From the top of the ships mast to the depths of the Dead Sea, you're 100% Pirate through and through. Look ship shape and seductively sea worthy in this ...    more
Lady Pirate Captain Lady Pirate Captain
Avast, me Hearties!
Avast, me Harties, it's bad luck to have a lady aboard ship! Putting pirate folk lore, old superstitions & shivery behind you, stand aside matey, the ...    more
Lady Swashbuckler Lady Swashbuckler
Man Overboard, this Girl's in Charge Now!
Looking dapper and ship shape in her form fitting bodice lacing up the front and both sides for that snug sword slinging fit. Drawstring, long sleave, ...    more
Painless Pete the Pirate Painless Pete the Pirate
Best Be Lookin' Ship Shape Ye Swabby or You'll Be Walkin' the Plank!
Weigh anchor and batten down the hatches. After a night of pillaging you're ready to set sail in this classic blue & white striped shirt, V-neck with ...    more
Pirate - Arroyo Red Pirate - Arroyo Red
Pirate  Red Sea Rivera Pirate  Red Sea Rivera
Pirate Blue Blade Pirate Blue Blade
Yo Ho Ho & a Bottle of Rum! Me fitn' to Set Sail, Thee Sunkn' Treasure Awaits!
The name Blue Blade says it all in this blue on blue toned Pirate garb. Deep blue velvet vest with shoulder accents. Traditional, loosely fitted, blousy ...    more
Pirate Captain Christopher Pirate Captain Christopher
Real Pirates Don
Captn Christophers mi name an killns in mi blood. Look absolutely sinister in this black, three quarter length jacket with wide cuffs and faded gray ...    more
Pirate Captain Renegade-Ray Pirate Captain Renegade-Ray
Aye...It's To The Gallows Wit The Lot of Ya!
Ye be runnin them scallywags from stem to stern and then they walk plank, it's good to be Cap'n. Let the renegade run ramped in you as you experience ...    more
Pirate Captain-Black Bart Roberts Pirate Captain-Black Bart Roberts
Weigh Anchor an' Set Sail You Miserable Sea Barnacles.
Aye, Aye Cap'n! You're in charge of the vessel now and looking the part in this knee length Pirate jacket with large cuffs and bright brass buttons. Fancy ...    more
Pirate Dante Delsoto Pirate Dante Delsoto
Dangerously Romantic a Pirates Life!
Sailing the southern seas of the Atlantic, you're feared the world over. Looking Seafaringly Suave in your traditional black & red, you'll slay all the ...    more
Pirate Lady Elizabeth Pirate Lady Elizabeth
Pirate Wench Pirate Wench
Stand Aside Ye Scallywag, This is One Wench Not Worth Messin' With!
A girls got to be armed and dangerous dealing with a group of scurvy, drunken cutthroat Pirates. Being ever so sea worthy with your red and white striped ...    more
Pirate Wench - Lady Amber Pirate Wench - Lady Amber
Daring & Deadly A Sea Faring Maiden!
Wicked little Wench, don't let the allure of this romantic, traditional Pirate ensemble deceive you. Faux leather bodice laces up the front for that perfect ...    more
Pirate's First Mate Pirate's First Mate
Yaar Scallywag Ye Be Fittin
Arrrr me sea fairn Mate, set sail fer ye buried treasure in fearless Pirate style. Bright red, full cut Pirate shirt sets off this traditional Swashbuckling ...    more
Pirate's Mate Arrrnie Pirate's Mate Arrrnie
Pirate's Mate Mr. Mc Jon Pirate's Mate Mr. Mc Jon
Shiver Mi Timbers, Whar's Mi Bottle O Rum?
Mister Mc Jon, Captains right hand man, ship's first mate, Pirate's ultimate party animal. Ye be set'n sail straight to the pub in your red and white ...    more
Red Skull the Pirate Red Skull the Pirate
Aye Matey, Ye Be the Terror of the Seven Seas n' Ain't No One Meaner!
Intimidation is your weapon. Heartless & fierce & ready for any swarthy cutthroat that may cross your path in this menacing red & black classic Pirate ...    more
Sir Johnathan the Pirate Sir Johnathan the Pirate
This Pirate's No Gentleman!
Setting out for a night of pillaging, you want to look your Swashbuckling best. Wearing your finest in Pirate garb, red and black is the color of fear ...    more
Swabby - Sidney Darby Swabby - Sidney Darby
You'll Be Walkin the Plank Before Ya See Any of the Cap'ns Treasure.
You receive little acclaim in being a Swabby on a Pirate Ship but the romance and adventure are still yours. Your Pirate digs consist of torn knickers, ...    more
Swashbucker Savage Shaun Swashbucker Savage Shaun
Arrrgg...Ye Land Lovin, Lilly Livered Scallywag!
Despite the devastatingly dapper design of this costume, remember, you're not some seafaring softy! Dressed to kill in this full cut Pirate shirt and ...    more
Swashbuckler Deluxe Swashbuckler Deluxe
"All Hands on Deck! Man the Cannons.
Let no treasure stealin' skalleywag reach the gold!" Be fit and ready for attack in this faux suede Jerkin styled vest trimmed with black and highlighted ...    more
Swashbuckler Mister Chris Swashbuckler Mister Chris
Rum's In Mi Blood!
Set sail on the high seas in this traditional pirate shirt, black open front vest secured around the waist with a long sash. Faded blue knickers with ...    more
Swashbucklin' Wench Swashbucklin' Wench
Walk The Plank Scally Wag, Ye Be Meetin Yer Maker!
You'll rule the savage seas as this saucy Swashbuckling Piratess. Navy blue embroidered vest over a blousy, ruffle collar shirt tops a matching blue skirt ...    more
Wench Wench
You're A Ship Shape Bar Maid.
Sexy, alluring and ready to take care of your favorite Pirate. Look Swashbuckling for your Swabby in this low cut bodice with leather laces. Loose weave ...    more
Wench  Buccaneer Bianca Wench  Buccaneer Bianca