Costume Rentals

Aladdin Aladdin
Rub the Magic Lamp and I'll Grant You Three Wishes...
Start your Egyptian adventure in these brightly colored balloon styled pant with small crop vest and matching pill box hat..
Aladdin - Deluxe Aladdin - Deluxe
A Magic Lamp, A Genie and A Princess!
Bring the legend of a pour Arabic boy and his magic lamp to life with this truely animated costume. Full white pants with simple patches, a short cut ...    more
Aladdin - Prince Aladdin - Prince
Three Wishes and Your Royalty!
One magic lamp, three well phrased wishes and the Kingdom is yours. Soft, lightweight floor length tunic and robe trimmed in gold embroidery.
Alley Oop the Caveman Alley Oop the Caveman
Legendary Jurassic Party Animal.
The Stone Age Produced Many Legendary Characters but None so Famous as Ally Oop. Covered in faux fur animal skins and oversized furry boots you ward off ...    more
Austin Powers Austin Powers
Smashing Baby Yeah, It's Shag-A-Delic Time!
"Danger is my middle name!" Continental man of intrigue conquers evil and looking oh so far out in a purple velvet suit. Stylin white ruffle shirt with ...    more
Batman Batman
Gotham City's Caped Crusader
Billionaire Bruce Wayne needed no help in protecting the citizens of Gotham from one villain after another in this form fitting black jump suit with molded ...    more
Carmen Banana Carmen Banana
Shake Your Maracas and Dance Your Bananas Off!
A slight humorous twist on our Carmen Miranda costume. It is all about the Banana and your covered with them. Both skirt and blouse wrap around and tie ...    more
Carmen Miranda Carmen Miranda
Hot Cha-Cha. Shake Your Maracas. You're the Lady with Fruit in Her Head!
It's all about the hat. Carmen Miranda become famous by stacking fruit in her head and dancing around in brightly colored costumes with lots of ruffles ...    more
Chapulin Colorado Chapulin Colorado
Mexico's Most Beloved Superhero!
The El Chapulin Colorado (the red grasshopper) television show aired over 200 episodes and became one of the most successful shows in Mexican history, ...    more
Count of Monte Cristo Count of Monte Cristo
The Revenge Game Never Looked So Good!
Falsely accused and wrongfully imprisoned, he escapes captivity inheriting a fortune in gold and seeks revenge on his enemies. Adopting a very mysterious ...    more
Elvis Elvis
Are You Lonesome Tonight Cuz It's Now or Never!
They Can't Help Falling In Love when they see you in this bright red satin jumpsuit with attached cape. Matching red sequins add a sparkling accent bringing ...    more
Flintstone's Barney Rubble Flintstone's Barney Rubble
Freds B-F-F!
Dressed only in a faux animal skin tunic, youll be transported back to bedrock, land of Rock Quarries & Brontasourus Burgers.
Flintstone's Betty Rubble Flintstone's Betty Rubble
And looking every bit more alluring than Wilma in this soft cotton dress with halter styled top decorated with a faux shell. Add Bettys trademark bow ...    more
Flintstone's Fred Flintstone Flintstone's Fred Flintstone
Yabba Dabba Doo!
Bring the beauty of Bedrock to life with the man himself. Get your stone age stature on in this animated faux fur caveman costume, compete with attached tie.
Coming Soon Flintstone's Pebbles Flintstone
Daddy's Rockin' Little Girl!
Born in Bedrock, this cute little cartoon cave girl's outfit of choice consisted mainly of a small cropped, green top, black shorts and a carefully selected ...    more
Coming Soon Flintstone's Wilma Flintstone
Stone Age Spouse From Prehistoric Prime Time!
It's not easy being Fred Flintstone's little woman but you make it look good. White faux leather dress, gathered at the waist and worn off one shoulder. ...    more
Gilligan-Gilligan's Island Gilligan-Gilligan's Island
Skipper's First Mate and Little Buddy.
You set out for a three hour tour and get stranded on a deserted island with only one outfit to wear the entire time. How can anyone forget the bright ...    more
I Dream of Jeannie I Dream of Jeannie
Your Wish Is My Command Master!
Bring the 70's sitcoms most memorable Genie in a bottle back to life. Look positively perky in this pink, Belly Dancer styled costume. Solid top and bottoms ...    more
Jimmy Hendrix Jimmy Hendrix
Rock n' Roll Forever!
The 60's rock era spawned many unbelievable performers and none more amazing than Jimmy Hendrix himself. Dressed in the style worn by most hippies, bell ...    more
Coming Soon Jungle Boy-Tarzan
Me Tarzan, You Jane!
Raised in the jungle by Apes, your interaction with humans is minimal...and so is your wardrobe. Dressed in only a loin cloth and a vest, this outfit ...    more
Coming Soon Lestat
The Father of All Vampires.
Around for hundreds of years, Lestat spawned generations of Vampires to terrorize the night. Look dashing in a turn of the century, brocade jacket with ...    more
Little Red Riding Hood Little Red Riding Hood
Grand Ma, What Big Teeth You Have!
Over the hills and through the woods to Grand Ma's house you go looking ravishing in red. You'll be adorably animated as you relive this famous fairy ...    more
Little Red Riding Hoods - Big Bad Wolf Little Red Riding Hoods - Big Bad Wolf
Grand Ma, What Big Teeth You Have!
If Little Red Riding Hood only knew what was waiting for you over the hills and through the woods. The innocence of a fairy tale takes shape in the form ...    more
Coming Soon Lucy Ricardo-I Love Lucy
Ricky, Why Can't I Be In the Show? WAAAAAA!
Being the first lady of comedy, this crazy redhead is the most recognizable comedic character of all time. Dressed in her navy blue house dress with white ...    more
Coming Soon Lumiere
Ooo La La! Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest!
Dance, sing and be merry as this colorful character from Beauty and the Beast is brought to life in this form fitting yellow and gold toned candle stick. ...    more
Mae West Mae West
Hey Big Boy, Why Don't You Come Up and See Me Sometime!
One of the first sexually suggestive and openly seductive females on the silver screen. Floor length, lavender, form fitting gown with metallic brocade ...    more
Coming Soon Mimi (Drew Carey)
Colorful Wardrobe, Colorful Makeup, Colorful Character.
Mimi wasn't afraid of expressing herself verbally or fashionably. Dressed in a flamboyant, brightly colored multi patterned oversized dress. Trimmed with ...    more
Nightmare Before Christmas - Mayor Nightmare Before Christmas - Mayor
Authentic Nightmare Before Christmas Costume!
Enjoy the versatility of this ever mood changing Mayor of Halloween Town. This plush two sided mask with attached hat has a printed face on each side ...    more
Oz, Dorothy Oz, Dorothy
Careful, Or I
Toto, I Dont Think Were In Kansas Any More! This simple farm girl left the comfort of her own back yard wearing only a simple blue and white gingham ...    more
Peter Pan Peter Pan
Up, Up and Away To a Land Where You Never Grow Up!
In Never Never Land, your only worry is battling the dreaded Captain Hook. Lead your band of Lost Boys in this green tunic with faux leather belt and shoe tops.
Peter Pan's Tinker Bell Peter Pan's Tinker Bell
Clap Your Hands If You Believe In Fairies!
The pixie companion to the perennial "lost boy" Peter Pan, flutter like tinker bell thought never Neverland with the help of her magical pixie dust. Green ...    more
Phantom of the Opera Phantom of the Opera
Ghost of the Theater or Angel of Music!
Through the darkness of the theater comes the music of the night. This masked monster looms over the opera house in this vintage black tuxedo, white vest ...    more
Phantom of the Opera's Christine Phantom of the Opera's Christine
Premier Primadonna of the Stage and the Phantom's Rhythm of the Night!
Gracefully elegant with a voice so pure it can tame even the menacing Phantom of the Opera. Dressed all in white, this extremely full gown is trimmed ...    more
Queen of Hearts Queen of Hearts
Off With Their Heads!
As Queen, this was the royal remedy for everyone in Wonderland. Your costume, a regal red and white gown with a split front, revealing a series of large ...    more
Coming Soon Riff Raff-Rocky Horror
Let's Do the Time Warp Again!
As the ever so humble servant of the mad, out of this world Frankenfurter your traditional Butler duties may have a few twists. Black tuxedo jacket with ...    more
Robin Hood Robin Hood
You Rob From the Rich and Give To the Poor.
For the love of King Richard and for England, you lead your band of merry men through Sherwood forest wearing this faux suede tunic with brown pirate ...    more
Coming Soon Robin Hood's - Maid Marion
Royal Ward to the King and In Love With an Outlaw!
Experience the romance of the 15th century. The Knights, the Wizards & the secret rendezvous with Robin Hood in Sherwood forest. Look royally elegant ...    more
Robin Hood's Friar Tuck Robin Hood's Friar Tuck
Robin Hood's Merry Monk of Sherwood Forest.
A gentle meek man of the cloth and one fierce fighter against Prince John & the Sheriff of Nottingham. Wearing a full cut robe with scapular secured around ...    more
Coming Soon Scarlet O'Hara
Well Fiddle Dee Dee, Tomorrow is Another Day!
Barbecues at Twin Oaks, the Civil War, the burning of Atlanta and as Scarlet, you never looked better. Off the shoulder ruffle dress with full hoop skirt ...    more
Sgt Pepper's - John Sgt Pepper's - John
Your legend will live on as one of the more controversial of the Fab 4. Join the Magical Mystery Tour in this deep lime green military styled, satin suit. ...    more
Sgt Pepper's - Paul Sgt Pepper's - Paul
We've Got Your
You'll look awesomely authentic "Eight Days A Week" in this beautiful medium blue satin suit trimmed with white braid and gold buttons. Accented with ...    more
Shiek Rudolph Valenteno Shiek Rudolph Valenteno
The Sexiest Man in Silent Films
Spend the night in the shoes of one of the greatest lovers in cinematic history. Be mysteriously sultry draped white and black head dress with a black ...    more
Snow White Snow White
Some Day Your Prince Will Come!
Sent off to be raise by seven Dwarfs, hidden from the evil queen, you grow up poor but still dress quite fashionably in this blue bodice with puffed sleeves ...    more
Snow White's Dopey Snow White's Dopey
The Simplest of The Seven Dwarfs and The Most Lovable.
You stand tall when you ask Snow White to dance in this tan, floor length long sleeve robe with turtle neck styled collar. Large black belt fastens around ...    more
Coming Soon Snow White's Evil Queen
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Who Is the Fairest of Them All?
Deep inside your castle, you plot to destroy Snow White wearing a dark robe that drapes gracefully to the floor. A high collar cape hangs down behind ...    more
Snow White's Grumpy Snow White's Grumpy
Who Said Being Grumpy Wasn't Adorable!
Even with a grumbley personality, you still have a heart of gold. Dressed for work, you whistle along in your tan jacket with wide black belt and large ...    more
Snow White's Prince Charming Snow White's Prince Charming
Dashing, Debonair & Destined to Live Happily Ever After!
This handsome horseman is on a quest for his queen in this royal blue tunic accented with gold buttons. Crisp white ruffle shirt and matching white knickers. ...    more
Spiderman® Spiderman®
He Can Do Anything A Spider Can!
One bite is all it took to completely transform high school bookworm Pete Parker into a super hero. Dressed in this web accented jump suit & mask, you ...    more
Spiderman® - Dark Evil Spiderman® - Dark Evil
Spiderman® Dabbles in the Dark Side!
From the hit movie Spiderman 3", bring the bad boy out in this beloved superhero in this black and silver jumpsuit with muscle torso and padded muscles. ...    more
Superman Superman
Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane?
Faster than a speeding bullet, able to jump tall buildings in a single bound, you too can become the man of steel in this one piece stretch suit with ...    more
Zorra Zorra
The Little Lady to the Masked Legend Himself!
The woman behind the man in the mask fighting side by side for the good of all poor men, woman and families. As with Zorro, the lady also dons the traditional ...    more
Zorro Zorro
Beware the Mark of Zorro.
Zorro rides again protecting the poor villagers from the wealthy tax collectors, this Latin Robin Hood donned a black mask, hat and cape to conceal his ...    more