Costume Rentals

Arab Desert Sheik Arab Desert Sheik
Camels, Horses, Jewels, Wives, It's Good to be the Sheik!
Look your royal best to receive all your wives in these balloon styled black pants with metallic threading, large flowing satin robe. Matching head scarf. Fits ...    more
Arab Desert Sheik Harem Girl Arab Desert Sheik Harem Girl
So Many Girls, Only One Man!
Looking good in gold and tantalizing in tan, you want to look your best for your man even though you're just one of the girls. Shear balloon styled pants ...    more
Arab Sheik Deluxe Arab Sheik Deluxe
You're powerfull, you're desert royalty, you're a man with 20 wives.
Feel the romance of the Arabian nights in a long, multi colored flowing robe, trimmed with gold. Balloon styled, loosely fitting pants drawn at the waist ...    more
Arab Sheik Harem Girl Arab Sheik Harem Girl
Dress Your Sultry Best, You're One if the Sheik's Chosen Girls!
You're living the good life of jewels, fine laces and refined fabrics. Balloon styled pants using black and gold lace over deep purple, heavy satin are ...    more
Arab Shiek in Black & White Arab Shiek in Black & White
Desert Pirate, Romantic & Mysterious!
Trade those 40 thieves for 40 wives, take advantage of the romance and intrigue this costume conveys. Black satin robe trimmed in gold worn over white ...    more
Arab Shiek in White Arab Shiek in White
You'll Rule the Sun Baked Sand Dunes!
The dessert heat's not coming from the sun, you'll be looking hot in this all white Arab Sheik costume. Outer robe, shirt, pants and head dress all white ...    more
Arabian Prince Arabian Prince
Regally Poised Upon Your Arabian Steed, a Caravan of Riches is Placed at Your Feet.
Relax in your palace of gold in this full length, long black coat covering a rich knee length red vest both trimmed in gold accents. Large coordinating ...    more
Arabian Princess Arabian Princess
Rich gold and silver brocade gown accented with royal deep purple set this Princess apart from any other. Off white veil with golden thread woven throughout ...    more
Belly Dancer Belly Dancer
Dance the Dance of the Seven Veils.
Perform the dance that has entertained desert dynasties for centuries. Loosely woven, metallic thread split skirt moves gracefully with each turn of your ...    more
Caesar Caesar
Mighty Caesar, Beloved Ruler of Egypt.
Looking regal and powerful in this full length toga trimmed in gold and drapped with a lavish red wrap. Crowned with a ring of gold leaves crown the head. Fits ...    more
Charisma Shahad Charisma Shahad
Dance Your Way Into The Sultan's Heart!
This sexy temptress from the Middle East knows all the right moves. Dance the dance of veils in this richly colored and decorated Harem costume. Gold ...    more
Cleopatra Cleopatra
Golden Queen of the Nile, Beauty is Your Tool to Rule Over All.
Gold Lame dress with sequin detail across the bust line. Full flowing matching robe collared with a golden sash acsented decorated with egyptian geometic ...    more
Cleopatra Deluxe Cleopatra Deluxe
Lavish Luxury, Majestic Make-up with an Abundance of Egyptian Attitude.
Garishly glamorous in gold lame, you're dressed in riches. Gold shear cape attached with two gold medallions. Golden asp head piece trimmed with beads ...    more
Egyptian Pharaoh Egyptian Pharaoh
So it be written, so it be done...
Be ruler of all you see and lord of all your people. Demand respect and power over all that is around you in this simple but traditional Pharaoh styled ...    more
Coming Soon Egyptian Vixen
You Sexy Little Egyptian Minx, You!
With a snakes like slither, you work the streets of Pompeii in your short, revealing black, Toga styled dress with gold, geometric patterned embroidered ...    more
Eqyptian Woman Eqyptian Woman
Be it Greek or Roman, you're graceful Goddess.
All in white and accented with gold, how can you not look like a Goddess. Plain white under gown is decorated with two different gold tone striped wrapps. ...    more
Genie Genie
Rub My Lamp and I'll Grant You Three Wishes!
Magically you grant the wants, needs and desires in this sparkling silver sequin vest worn open with or without a shirt. Balloon style satin pant with ...    more
Gladiator Gladiator
Defending Your Honor in the Arena Falls Second to Survival!
From the arenas of Greece & Rome you're fighting against fierce lions, imprisoned slaves and opposing Gladiators of Goliath proportions. Donning attire ...    more
Gladiator Deluxe Gladiator Deluxe
We Make Going to Battle Look Good!
Protect Caesar, protect Rome, fight for honor, truth and total domination. Guarded by a chest plate, shield and helmet, you're dress extremely comfortably ...    more
Gladiator Eddicus Gladiator Eddicus
Prepare For Battle!
Fight admirably for your emperor in this Roman Gladiator costume in this black chest piece made of faux leather with matching shin and wrist guards. White ...    more
Gladiator Gaberius Defeatus Gladiator Gaberius Defeatus
Defending Your Honor Gladiator Style!
Fighting in the Arena's of Rome can be deadly but the honor and fame proves rewarding. Be ready for battle in this open front, white tunic, kilt & collar ...    more
Gladiator Marcus Gladiator Marcus
Be Tough, Fight Admirably and Look Good Doing It!
From battle field to bloody battle field, you'll always return victorious as this Roman influenced warrior. Faux leather body armor worn over white tunic ...    more
Gladiator Nathan Gladiator Nathan
Your Honor For Your Survival!
Proudly fight for the Roman Empire either in an arena for the crowds or on battle fields. Your helmet, your shield, your sword help protect from your ...    more
Gladiator Quintonus Gabrius Gladiator Quintonus Gabrius
Step into the Arena, No One Will Mess with You!
As Gladiator, you entertained the public by fighting to the death. You'll be protected from your apponant's attack by this faux leather chest piece and ...    more
Coming Soon Grecian Goddess in Red
Greek Goddess Gabriella Greek Goddess Gabriella
Lovely, Graceful & A Little Alluring!
Go back in time to the mythical days of Greek Goddesses and relive the grace, elegance and spirit of ancient times. This floor length gown can be either ...    more
Greek Male in Purple Greek Male in Purple
Not Your Average Bed Sheet Toga!
This Greek male costume features a traditional white robe with silver accent trim a purple, shoulder drape, a wide leather belt and a head wreath. Wear ...    more
Greek Male in Red Greek Male in Red
Senate Awaits!
This Greek male costume features a white robe with a red, crush velvet shoulder drape, a wide patterned belt and a head wreath. Wear the costume with ...    more
Greek Male Servant Greek Male Servant
Modesty aside for your typical Greek male.
Greek men also adorned the traditional Chiton. Not being as modest as the women, the men would often secure the Chiton over only one shoulder, exposing ...    more
Greek Mistress of the Nile Greek Mistress of the Nile
How can you not look like a Greek Goddess!
In the early days of Greece, the one indispensable garment worn by both men & women was the Chiton. This large flowing piece of material drapes elegantly ...    more
Greek Philosopher Greek Philosopher
Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears!
Words such as this frequently rang out amongst the crowds of citizens gathered in the town square to hear the latest speaker. Also wearing a traditional, ...    more
Greek Warrior Quintonius Greek Warrior Quintonius
Your Honor Or Your Life!
In the Greek Arenas your battle against fierce warriors, wild animal and mystical creatures, be prepared in the comfortable tunic, faux leather chest ...    more
Greek Warrior Vincentarius Greek Warrior Vincentarius
Lover, Fighter, Gladiator!
Women of Rome protect your hearts, fellow Warriors take guard this Gladiator's ready for anything. Traditional white tunic is worn under a faux leather ...    more
King Tut King Tut
So Young, So Immortal.
The youngest king of Egypt to rule for a very short time. Traditional golden headdress with Asp and a loosely woven wrap pants. Wide belt and round collar, ...    more
Marc Anthony Marc Anthony
A Man So Mighty, Only Cleopatra's Love is could Bring Him Down.
Between battling for Egypt's honor or for Cleopatra's love, you look ever so masculine and powerful in this knee length, sleeveless white tunic. Emblem ...    more
Moses Moses
Let My People Go!
He parted the Red Sea and freed the salves of Egypt. Wearing the robe of his Hebrew nation, a loosely woven heavy fabric worn over a plain floor length ...    more
Nefertiti Nefertiti
The Beautiful One is Come
One of the most powerful, stunningly beautiful and controversial queens of ancient Egypt. Shown here in a simple pale blue satin gown with split skirt ...    more