Costume Rentals

Colonial Ladies Day Dress Colonial Ladies Day Dress
Look Again, Your Not Wearing A Bustle!
Strut your colonial best in this elaborately draped, double skirt, Colonial day dress. This two piece ensemble is designed with two separate sizing panels, ...    more
Colonial Men's Proper Attire Colonial Men's Proper Attire
A proper gentleman attending a town meeting always looked his best.
Longer cut jackets with wide lapels and large cuffed sleeves were the traditional attire. Long pants were not yet the fashion, so you proudly supported ...    more
Colonial Mistress in Black Colonial Mistress in Black
Prim and Proper, Serious and Serene, every bit a Lady.
Subtle and conservative depicts the women of the Colonial homestead. Covered from head to toe just to handle affairs around the home. Very large full ...    more
Colonial Squire in Black Colonial Squire in Black
Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Honorable Squire Presiding.
Whether ruling over the witch trials of Salem or Governing the new settlement, look your perfectly polished, colonial best in this 3/4 length black brocade ...    more
Formal Colonial Gentleman Formal Colonial Gentleman
Stately Colonial gentlemen always dressed to the nines.
Deep, rich colors, sharp clean lines and extreme tailoring. Costs were worn to the knee and flowing with large, overly exaggerated cuffs. Royal blue velvet ...    more
French Colonial Male French Colonial Male
Formal, Fancy and Fairly Pompous.
The European costuming has always been slightly more ornate and over the top. Stylish brocade jacket and vest in pale baby blue with deeper blue oversized ...    more
Coming Soon Washington, George
The Original Father To Our Country Never Looked Better!
Whether chopping down cherry trees or crossing the Delaware, look your stately best in this traditional yet formal deep blue velvet Colonial styled jacket ...    more
Coming Soon Washington, Martha
The Number One Misses to Our Countries Number One President!
As first lady to our nations first leader, position and appearance is foremost. Look presidentially proper in this floor length, full flowing skirt with ...    more