Costume Rentals

50's Pink Lady 50's Pink Lady
Be-Bop Back to the Fabulous 50's!
Back to Bobby Socks and Poodle Skirts. Where good girls were bad and bad girls were even better. You're going to "Rule-the-School" in your very own pink ...    more
50's Rebel Ray 50's Rebel Ray
Rock'n & Roll'n and Ready to Rumble!
Parents and the Police are no match for this tough teen. Black faux leather jacket, crisp white shirt and cuffed up jeans. Your hair slicked back in a ...    more
50's Sassy Soc Hop 50's Sassy Soc Hop
The Bandstand is Rockin'
The bandstand is rockin' and your feet can't stay still. It's your first dance and the school heartthrob just asked you to dance. Look positively pure ...    more
60's British Invation 60's British Invation
This British Bird in England's Best Cup of Tea!
This Go Go Girl in one hot Bloom'n English Muffin in this flag imprinted mini dress. Ya Baby, you're be ready to step out in white, knee high boot tops ...    more
60'S Go-Go in Green & Silver 60'S Go-Go in Green & Silver
Shake It Baby, You're Boots Were Made For Dancing!
Dance the decade away in this vintage green and silver sequin go-go dress and boots.
60's Hippie - Gabby 60's Hippie - Gabby
Peace, Love and Flower Power!
The 60's, the decade of free expression reflected in everything from rebellion to fashion. This bohemian style shown here in this Hippy Chick's oversized ...    more
60's Hippie - Gabe 60's Hippie - Gabe
Don't Rush Me Man!
Being cool and droppin out is where it's at. Join the 60's society of peace and forgiveness in this faux fur vest trimmed in extra long fringe, pirate ...    more
60's Hippie Chick 60's Hippie Chick
Too Cool to be Trippin'!
You're a far out, groovy chick with a hip style all your own. Peace and love reigns all over this deep pink, sparkle detailed dress. Made of stretch lycra, ...    more
60'S Hippie Dude - Ernie 60'S Hippie Dude - Ernie
Lookin' Farout and Feelin' Groovy!
Full and extremely comfortable Gypsy styled baggy, a faux fur vest over a collarless shirt, a head band and a carefully placed flower and you are ready ...    more
70's Black Velvet Jumpsuit 70's Black Velvet Jumpsuit
70's Leisure Nerd 70's Leisure Nerd
Hey Man, What's Happening?!
This movin' hipster is too cool for his own good. Hanging loose and being a total turn on in this stylin' 1970's era Leisure Suit with fancy print scarf ...    more
Diner Girl Diner Girl
How May I Serve You?!
You'll be serving up more than just burgers in this fun fifties styled Car Hop, Diner dress. White netting under skirt fluffs out the bright, light blue ...    more
Pimp Daddy Pimp Daddy
Yo, Yo, Yo! This Daddy's Business is Your Pleasure!
Your a man of the street and you're hooking 'em up! Stylish to a fault, your colorful look is unmistakable. Brightly colored over coat is trimmed with ...    more
Pimp Daddy - Purple Leopard Pimp Daddy - Purple Leopard
The Rooster's Running The Hen House!
Looking for a good time? You're the man with the ladies of the night and these chickens are fluffed up and ready to sing. Style is everything when ruling ...    more