Costume Rentals

40's Swing Cat 40's Swing Cat
Here's Look'n at You!
What's shake'n good look'n? Strut your stuff in these vintage styled, high waisted pant with large cuffed hem. Suspenders and spats add to the period ...    more
Barbershop Quartet Barbershop Quartet
Sweet Adeline...My Adeline!
By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea....from the tip of your cane to the top of your straw hat, harmonize your garter off in this classic red ...    more
Flapper Full Black Flapper Full Black
Lookin' Good! Being Married to the Mob Has It's Perks!
You can't get any better than this! Relive the elegance of this full length, 20's inspired Flapper gown. You'll revel in the sensation of head to toe ...    more
Flapper in Gold Fringe Flapper in Gold Fringe
You're Gonna Shimmer 'Til Your Shimmy Breaks!
Slick your hair and sling your Pearls cuz you're too fierce in gold fringe...layers of it! Slinky satin dress covered in rows of 4" fringe highlighted ...    more
Flapper in Hot Pink Flapper in Hot Pink
Hotsy-Totsy in Hot Pink!
The 20's were a time of setting trends and making statements and you'll light up the Gin Joint and sizzle across the band stand in this vibrant pink satin ...    more
Flapper in Red Flapper in Red
What's Shakin' You Tasty Tomata?
Sexy, sassy and ready to cut a rug! Dance the night away in this slinky red sleeveless number. Black and white fan print decorating entire dress and trimmed ...    more
Flapper in Silver Flapper in Silver
Hotsy-Totsy, You're the Cats Meow!
Sultry, sexy and all decked out for the local Speak Easy. You'll Charleston the night away in this gray satin, single sleeve dress with matching gray ...    more
Flapper Lace & Pearls Flapper Lace & Pearls
The Roaring 20's Have Never Roared So Loud!
Looking lavish in lace, white is not just for the good girls. White lace and satin dress with Pearl necklace attached to neck line. Matching headband ...    more
Flapper Sequin & Fringe Flapper Sequin & Fringe
This Flapper is a Classy Dame...
Get crazy in this slinky sequin little number. Trimmed with white fringe and matching headband for that stylin' hair do. Fits up to size med.
Flapper White Lace and Tassels Flapper White Lace and Tassels
No Gin Joint For this Doll, It's Satin & Lace All the Way!
The ladies of the 20's had a very distinct, gay style, even the "Good Girls" dressed to the nines. All in white, you're a clean queen and too pure for ...    more
Gangster Al Capone Gangster Al Capone
Brilliantly Brutal Chicago Crime Czar!
Look stylin and dapper as one of the most recognized names and one of the most notorious criminals in Gangster history. Be cool, calm and collected in ...    more
Gangster Assorted Gangster Assorted
Rough and Tough and Lookin
There's something romantic about a Gangster. Maybe it is the finely tailored suits, the fashionably styled hats, the sinister manner of confidence or ...    more
Gangster Chicago King Pin Gangster Chicago King Pin
Large and in Charge, You're Callin' the Shots in this Town!
Who said crime does not pay? When you're the top dog in Chicago, all the city is at your feet. Of course carrying a machine gun around doesn't hurt. With ...    more
Gangster Mob Boss Gangster Mob Boss
Hey, I've Got an Offer Yooz Can't Refuse!
You're a notorious gangster running the mob while running from the Feds. With your Tommy Gun at the ready, you look fiercely dapper in your black pin ...    more
Gibson Girl Peaches and Cream Gibson Girl Peaches and Cream
Turn of the Century Charm, with Classic American Beauty.
Relive the romancic days of the glorious Gibson Girl. Unforgettably elegant and stylish, this soft peach toned gown accented beautifully with a simple ...    more
Unsinkable Molly Brown Unsinkable Molly Brown
Not Even the Titanic Could Sink This Feisty Socialite,
In 1912 she traveled on Titanics' tragic voyage and lived to become one of the ships most famous survivors. Travel back with Molly in this elegant, cut ...    more
Vintage Polka Dot Bathing Costume Vintage Polka Dot Bathing Costume
By The Sea, By The Sea, By The Beautiful Sea!
This is one beach-bathing ensemble you dont have to worry about sun burn. Wearing a high neck, polka-dot dress with full skirt over knicker styled bloomers ...    more